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Drainfield Repair in Lutz, FL

Drainfield Repair in Lutz, FL

Lutz, Florida Drainfield after Final Approval

Septic System with Sod

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System Do's and Don'ts

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Riser and Lid

Riser Lid and Riser Pipe


6" Effluent Filter

Distribution Box

6 Hole Distribution Box



septic tank pump outSeptic Systems Cleaned and Pumped

SWS offers more than just pumping out your septic tank(s). We take the time to educate our customers on how their septic system works, and what maintenance is required to maximize life expectancy and keep the system operating at peak efficiency. We also do a general inspection of the entire system to identify current or potential problems - we don't just "pump and run" like other companies might do.

  • Our technicians are going to dig up and pump both ends of the tank. Believe it or not, almost every septic tank has 2 ends and 2 lids!  
  • The technician will clean your filters and inspect your septic tank for any cracks, leaks, fluctuating water levels, etc.
  • The technician will also check to make sure the outlet tee is still intact in the outlet end of the tank. Because of the materials that were previously used prior to 1999, the gasses from the tank deteriorate the materials over a 5 - 20 year period.   It is imperative that they are replaced with an effluent filter which is made of PVC and will not break down over time. The outlet tee/effluent filter serves as protection from solids/sludge migrating to the drainfield, which will clog it up over time and cost you thousands of dollars.
  • The technician will give you a complimentary 1 month supply of Organic Additives so that you can easily recharge your septic system with the good bacteria needed to keep your system in balance.

Septic Tank Good Neighbor

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