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Drainfield Repair in Lutz, FL

Drainfield Repair in Lutz, FL

Lutz, Florida Drainfield after Final Approval

Septic System with Sod

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System Do's and Don'ts

Homeowner's Manual

Florida Onsite Systems Code


Riser and Lid

Riser Lid and Riser Pipe


6" Effluent Filter

Distribution Box

6 Hole Distribution Box


Solutions for the  Single Family

  • Engineered Solutions
  • Drainfield Replacement/Repair
  • Riser and Lids
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Drip Irrigation Designs
  • Green Technologies
  • Alternative Septic System Repair
  • D-Box replacements
  • Aeration Systems
  • ATU Treatment
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Quarterly Maintenance Reports
  • Homeowner Septic System Education
Septic System Drip System for Residential Home

Noreweco Treatment Systems

Norweco's Singular Systems were developed and are manufactured by Norweco, Inc. The system provides a trash tank, aeration basin, and Bio Kinetic system with a recirculating action. Norweco Systems have many positive features, including:

* small sized/pre-engineered unit


* long lasting/ no media to replace

* tested and proven results/NSF certification

* blends in with the landscaping

* comparably affordable to other similar systems

* provides nitrogen reduction

Norweco Singulair Green

GeoFlow Systems, Inc.

Geoflow products include Ultra-Fresh and ROOTGUARD, the ultimate product application for use in subsurface drip irrigation for wastewater disbursement.  We at Southern Water Solutions, Inc., can assist with the design and installation of a wastewater disbursement system, helping you to save money, time, and the environment.

Aeration Systems

SWS's innovative aeration systems revolutionizes the use of aerobic waste management systems in commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications throughout the world. The technology addresses the problems of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and waste treatment by improving the performance of aerobic bacteria to consume organic wastes.

In residential systems the aeration system can consume organic waste that is plugging your drainfield. Installation of an aeration system can improve drainfield function overtime. aeration can be used as preventative maintenance of your drainfield or your community wastewater system.

Orenco Systems, Inc.

  • Orenco Effluent Filters
  • If you wish to have longer periods between maintenance intervals for your effluent filter without harming your drainfield, then you should consider Orenco's line of effluent filters to fit your need.
  • Pressure Dosed Systems
  • Many engineered systems require low pressure dosing. This is a manual mainly geared toward engineers or designers.
  • BiotubeĀ® Pump Vault
  • Orenco's pump vault system designed to protect your effluent pump allowing pump life’s designed to last 25 years.






Drip Irrigation System by Southern Water and Soil, Inc.




Orenco Pump Package in Tampa, FL



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